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2008 GMC Acadia
Retail Price:$17,485
Discount:- $2,620
Internet Price:$14,865
Black, Automatic, Stock #H101FX4, 96,890 mi.
2009 GMC Acadia
Retail Price:$22,530
Discount:- $2,665
Internet Price:$19,865
White, Automatic, Stock #G275EXRZ, 84,621 mi.
2011 Nissan Armada
Retail Price:$30,620
Discount:- $1,755
Internet Price:$28,865
Silver Lightning, Automatic, Stock #J156Z4, 56,671 mi.
2007 Chevrolet Avalanche
Retail Price:$16,350
Discount:- $1,355
Internet Price:$14,995
Silver, Automatic, Stock #J129EXRZ, 104,669 mi.
2010 Chevrolet Camaro
Retail Price:$23,560
Discount:- $2,695
Internet Price:$20,865
Red Jewel Tintcoat, Automatic, Stock #J102FS5, 48,855 mi.
2008 Toyota Camry
Retail Price:$12,320
Discount:- $2,325
Internet Price:$9,995
Silver, Automatic, Stock #J485F14Z, 158,461 mi.
2013 Dodge Charger
Retail Price:$30,210
Discount:- $1,345
Internet Price:$28,865
Black, Automatic, Stock #J385F14, 22,231 mi.
2012 Honda Civic
Retail Price:$15,320
Discount:- $455
Internet Price:$14,865
Silver, Automatic, Stock #J218FC4, 55,480 mi.
2007 Mazda CX-9
Retail Price:$16,320
Discount:- $2,325
Internet Price:$13,995
Red, Automatic, Stock #J143EXD1, 95,859 mi.
2002 Dodge Dakota
Retail Price:$9,250
Discount:- $1,255
Internet Price:$7,995
Forest Green Pearl, Automatic, Stock #J216F25, 77,048 mi.
2013 Dodge Durango
Retail Price:$34,870
Discount:- $3,005
Internet Price:$31,865
Brilliant Black Crystal Pear, Automatic, Stock #J742F14, 12,220 mi.
2012 Ford Edge
Retail Price:$28,930
Discount:- $2,065
Internet Price:$26,865
White, Automatic, Stock #J288EXR4, 47,532 mi.
2011 Ford Edge
Retail Price:$18,930
Discount:- $2,065
Internet Price:$16,865
Bordeaux Reserve Red Metalli, Automatic, Stock #J142F25, 118,254 mi.
2010 Chevrolet Equinox
Retail Price:$16,350
Discount:- $1,485
Internet Price:$14,865
Gray, Automatic, Stock #J373F14, 82,574 mi.
2006 Ford Escape
Retail Price:$6,750
Discount:- $1,755
Internet Price:$4,995
Silver, Automatic, Stock #H179ES4Z, 191,849 mi.